Proud to announce Queer 4 Queer

We'd love to introduce you to Reign, who goes by the pronouns They/Them, as the peer mentor and client liaison for the program Peer 4 Peer is currently launching, which is called Queer 4 Queer. Reign as a Queer, Non-Binary peer mentor will work with Peer 4 Peer as part of an initiative to create a LGBTQIA+ specific peer mentor service.

The LGBTQIA+ community has always struggled with accessible and inclusive mental health care. Often, Queer people seek treatment from places that will not or cannot acknowledge the unique experiences that come with being an LGBTQIA+ individual. There is currently nowhere in Australia that a Queer person can seek an in person, 1:1 peer mentor with lived experience in the LGBTQIA+ community, until now.

Reach Out and find out More

If you or anyone you know would benefit from accessing these services, please get in touch with Reign on or give them a call on 0493 387 198.

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