Art helped me start again after my stroke

What will strike anyone who happens to pop their head into the Art Group at 50 Iluka Ave, Buddina on any Monday afternoon is the quiet, concentrated and friendly atmosphere. Without a doubt, people are 'working' on their artwork, while participating in a very special experience which for many of them have said, has changed their lives.

Debbie is one such artist. Her bright and generous nature is always ready to shine. Her attention divided evenly between her partner, her piece of art and her fellow artists. Debbie suffered a stroke nearly 11 years ago. It put a stop to her life as she knew it in an instant. She was left to her own devices as she struggled to make ends meet. It was soon after this that she made a decision. She was going to start doing things she had always wanted to do but had never thought she was 'allowed' to do. After dedicating her life to the needs of others, she was going to try and learn something that filled her up with joy. She was going to try Art.

Debbie has been creating her art for nearly six years now. She joins the Art Group every Monday, along with her partner, and they paint their stories. It brings joy and meaning to their lives. Debbie has bounced back, stronger and more alive than ever. Her paintings speak of nature and kindness. When new people join the class, she is quick to make them feel valued and welcome.

Debbie and Peter painting at the Art Group on Mondays.


Why not come along on Friday 22nd April to the Meet and Greet the Artists at the Northshore Community Centre, 701 Mudjimba, QLD fro 11am - 1pm. See the Art, meet Debbie and all the other artists. What you will also experience is how sitting together, making Art and allowing people to just be themselves, can be transformational. If you would like to join our group, try it for yourselves, please contact Louisa. You will be made to feel very welcome. And who knows, your life might change too.

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