A week on a tropical island could change your life.

Updated: May 16

Peer4Peer takes your mental health seriously. That’s why when Chris was looking for a place to create a retreat for people who are experiencing depression or anxiety so that they can take time out, recharge and really look at what they need to feel whole again, he knew Magnetic Island was the best choice.

Magnetic island is calming, beautiful and has something special. Chris could tell the moment he arrived there. Within the next few weeks Peer4Peer will be organising retreats where you will receive one on one care from our amazing Peer mentors who will be there 24/7 to offer support and guidance. But it won't all be work! Fun activities like snorkelling, cuddling a koala, walking along pristine beaches and swimming will be included to make the experience a really memorable and transformational one.

If you are struggling, sometimes going to a completely different place where you will feel safe, supported and inspired will change your life. This will be your chance to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Peer mentors, who have been where you have been will walk beside you. You will have the time you need to relax, time to talk through any issues that are ‘blocking ‘ you, and time to be active and engaged in physical activities or receive a massage.

See our Magnetic Island page for more info, or contact Chris at

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