3-day short course: Essentials of Peer Support

Peer 4 Peer is proud to announce our very own short course in peer support, held over three Saturdays, starting July 24th.

Because we always employ people with lived experience of mental illness, we have created this training to inspire people, to fill the gaps in knowledge and to help build skills and confidence. We provide a certificate of achievement if participants complete the course.

I know my own recovery from schizophrenia and DID was greatly enhanced by my peer work vocation, and over the last eight years I have been training and mentoring people to explore peer work, to grow and help others. Whether a person is volunteering or being paid, it's a wonderful validator and confidence-booster!

You do not have to be "recovered" and ready to work to do this course - for some, it will simply provide inspiration. For others, it may indeed open up a whole new career, as it did for me 10 years ago.

If you want to join me on this adventure, please check out the Peer Training page :)

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